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About Me, a Psychopathic Freak whom hates Orlando Bloom
Quiz- how much do you hate Orlando Bloom?
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A cool Quiz

What do you think of when you hear "Orlando Bloom"
a) I'm going to barf!
b) Hey, Nicole really hates him!
c) Who's he?
d) Orlando Bloom? Where?
What do you do you think of when you hear Orlando Bloom's voice?
a) My ears! They burn!
b) I recognize that voice!
c) .....crickets.....
d)what a dreamy voice
What do you think of when you see Orlando Bloom?
a) Eeeeeeeevil!
b) Well, he's a little cute, I guess....
c) Who's he? He's kinda cute
d) What a sexy hunk!
What is you're favorite part/patrts in Pirates of the  Caribbean?
a) All the times when something bad happens to Will....I just crack up!
b) When Captian Jack Sparrow is so funny!
c) Haven't seen it.
d) Whenever Will is in range of the camera
What is you're least favorite part/parts in Pirates of the Caribbean?
a) When you think Will dies, but then he doesn't......Damn you, Will!
b) I like the whole movie
c) Still haven't seen it.
d)When Will kisses Elizabeth......Damn you, Elizabeth!

If you got mostly A's: You hate him. Good for you! You probably still don't hate him as much as I do, but I could see us being friends.
If you go mostly B's: You don't hate him, but you don't like him either. You think that he's a little cute, but otherwise he's just another actor to you.
If you go mostly C's: You are totally oblivious! You need to stop being lazy and get a clue!

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