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Cool Card Tricks and Other Magic Stuff

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Card tricks to amaze am mystify fellow beings

About Me, a Psychopathic Freak whom hates Orlando Bloom


The Psycic Mixer
Tell the person you're doing the trick to that you can sense some psycic vibes from him/her. 1) Randomly shuffle to cards. 2)Look at the bottom card and put it on the top. 3)Put the cards on the ground and mix them up. 4) make sure that one finger stays on the card when mixing. 5) Tell ummm...(lets call him Bob) to try to find, what ever was the card that you looked at, by putting his finger on a random card. He must not look at it! 6) Take the card and just say something like "oh my god, you're freaking me out!" 7) Tell him to randomly choose the card that he chose before. 8) Act like you're amazed, just as before. 9) say something like "now, i want to see if it's just you, or if i'm psycic too." 10) say "i'm going to try to find the card that "bob" just picked. make sure you put it in the front so that it's in order. 11) act amazed and recap the cards. 12)show "bob" the cards. he will be amazed!


Fanned-out Shaker
1)Randomly shuffle the cards. 2)Look at the bottom card and put it on the top. 3)fan out the cards in your hands and tell "bob" to pick one and memorize it. 4)take the card and put it on the top. 5)shuffle the cards in big blocks making sure that the two cards at the top never get sepperated. 6)fan all the cards out on he ground. the card that "bob" chose will be behind the card that you memorized. 7)take something that is special to "bob" tell him that the object will shake when it crosses over the card. 8) go over all the cards. with the object. you can even make false vibrations if you want.
9)find you're card and shake the object over the card that is behind it. 10)pick it up and ask if that's his card. he will be amazed!


The Psycic Four Rows
1) take the cards and put down four in a horrizontal line. 2) then put down four more rows of four in horizontal lines under the first four. 3) have "bob" chose one of the cards in his head and memorize it. 4) ask him if it is on row 1, 2, 3, or 4. 5) take the row that "bob" says last. 6) repeat step 1. 7) ask "bob" which row the card is in now. which ever row he picks, that card on the top will be that card that is his. 8) pick up the cards, and again, take the row he picked last. 9) make four piles of four. 10) tell him to choose two piles. 11) if the card is not in one of   those piles, take them away. if the card is in one of those piles, take the opposite two away. 12) ask him to choose one pile of the remaining two. 13) take it away if the card is not in it, take away the other one if the card is in it. 14) split the remaining pile into two piles of two. 15) have "bob" pick a pile. you know what to do. 16) split the last pile into two piles of one. 16) tell "bob" to pick one of the cards. you know what to do. 17) reveal the last card. if you did it rihgt, "bob" will be amazed.


-Left Brain Right Brain

While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand.

Your foot will change direction and there's nothing you can do about it.

-A Bird in the Bush

Read the sign below out loud.


When you read the the above sign, did you say "the" once or twice to yourself. Most people miss the second "the" when the sign is first read. Send this trick to a friend to see if they fall for it.

-How many F's?


Now count the F's in that sentence.
Count them ONLY ONCE!
Then see below...


There are six F's in the sentence.

A person of average intelligence finds three of them.

If you spotted four, you're above average.
If you got five, you can turn your nose at most anybody.
If you caught six, you are a genius.


This test is weird. Test yourself, but remember - The most important thing is to follow the instructions very carefully and not to scroll down too fast. Now, count the following easy calculations in your head as quickly as
you can. It might help you if you say the answers aloud.
Follow the instructions one at a time and as fast as possible. we go

How much is:

2 + 2?

8 + 8?

16 + 16?

Fast! Think of a number between 12 and 5.

Ready? Don't change your original number!

Scroll down!

The number you chose was 7.

Strange, right?!?

Ok if that didn't work, Try this one, I'll bet it'll work!

Test 2:
How much is:

1 + 5?

3 + 3?

4 + 2?

5 + 1?

Repeat the number 6 in your head as fast as possible
for 15 seconds.


Think, think...

You were thinking about a CARROT, weren't you!?!
Really weird, right!?!?!

This test is pretty good too

Test 3:
Say the following number aloud!
Do it fast!

Fast! Choose a color and a tool!

Thought of one of each? Don't change the original!

You answered: red and hammer

Didn't you?!

Hope You enjoyed these, I'll try to put new ones up soon.

With these tricks, you can amaze and mystify anyone, anywhere. Have fun!