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About Me, a Psychopathic Freak whom hates Orlando Bloom
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Orlando Bloom Fun Facts

Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Orlando Bloom fell 12 stories and broke his back! Ha ha! But sadly, he made a full recovery.
Orlando Bloom hates being a heart-throb! What a surprise! Girls probably never leave him alone. Those poor, poor consumed mindless teens. I do pitty them.
Orlando Bloom cut his wrist when sword fighting with Johny Dep and now he has a huge revolting scar. Ha ha!
Orlando Bloom's contacts bothered him so much that if you look closely, in The Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King, half of the time his eyes are blue, and half of the time his eyes are brown!


My sister is a total freak about Orlando Bloom. Here's some things she does....
Prints out paper dolls of Orlando Bloom and Legolas and dresses them all the time. She even has love scenes between them. Oooh-la-la!
Dresses him in a kilt and tapes him to her planner and says "It's a sexy kilt" to ayone who asks.
Irons his head on her pillow so she can sleep with him at night.
Makes a Happy Birthday shirt for him every year and wears it to school.
Makes out with her posters of him. (She has hundreds)
Buys posters of him in front of her boyfriend.
Screams whenever she sees him on tv or in a magazine.
Writes all over her arm "I 'heart' Orlando Bloom"
Her screen saver is "We love you Orlando Bloom.....Mmmmmm....Tasty!
Bombards me with random facts about him that I do not wish to know.
Uses him in every-day dialect.